11 Newbie-Friendly Ways to Make Money Online

11 Newbie-Friendly Ways to Make Money Online

When it comes to newbie-friendly ways to make money online, you have lots of options to choose from. You can make money online via reviewing games or by uploading videos to YouTube or by playing games.

The possibilities are potentially endless.

1. Review games for money

There are sites out there that will literally pay you for reviewing games. You have to review the game by playing it. Play it and let the developers know about your opinions or about any issues.

2. Play games

Do you know you can make money by playing games?

Well, this is no joke and it is really a great unusual way to make money online. Think of the reaction of your friends when you will tell them that they can earn real money by playing games online.

3. Become an online teacher

You don’t need a graduate degree to teach someone online. All you need is a communication software (like Skype) and nothing else. You can earn easily by teaching others. You can teach almost anything that you are expert in.

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The issue, however, is to find the students and for that, you have to do some homework and you have to promote yourself.

4. Be an online guide

How about guiding tourists about your local town, city, state, or any area that you are familiar with?

This is easy, right?

You know about the town where you live so why not find tourists and guide them. Tell them about best places to visit, how to visit, when to visit, and so on.

5. Become an advisor

We all like to give advice but how about making money from it?

Register with a few famous and top-notch forums of your area of specialization. On these forums, prove yourself by giving free advice and suggestions.

Later, you can ask for consultation fee once people know that you are the real “guru”.

6. Ad sharing forums

In comes the ad sharing forums where you get the revenue share. Of course, you have to be active on the forum to get more ad revenue.

7. Online paid surveys

There are lots of paid survey sites that will pay you for participating in online surveys and focus groups. You have to fill the survey and get paid. This is a very easy and simple way to make money online for beginners.

8. Upload videos on YouTube

Now this shouldn’t surprise you. There are websites out there that will pay you for uploading videos on YouTube for cash. Making money cannot get any easier.

9. Watch videos

There are websites that will pay you money or points (convertible to cash) for watching videos on YouTube and other streaming websites. Watch videos on your smartphone and keep accumulating points and then you can use these points for shopping or you can convert them to cash.

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10. Money from Twitter

Do you have a lot of followers on Twitter?

Why not send a promotional tweet?

Well, there are lots of advertisers and advertising companies that will pay you money for sending promotional tweets to your followers provided you have followers in thousands like 10K or more.

11. Read emails

Yes, you can make money by reading emails. You will get the emails in your inbox every day, open them, read them, and get paid.

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