$5K to $15K DVD Home Study Course Review

$5K to $15K DVD Home Study Course Review

The $5K to $15K DVD Home Study Course is a money making program authored by Steven Hall. It is a money making course that teaches you how you can make money from Facebook that is, via Facebook Fan pages. It is a step-by-step money making course that explains everything you want to know about making money from Facebook.

$5K to $15K DVD Home Study Course Review

It is a DVD course. As soon as you will sign up for $5K to $15K DVD Course, you will be sent a DVD. It is all easy then.

The entire course and instructions are step-by-step, so there is nothing hard in it. Following the course is very easy.

How It Works

The $5K to $15K DVD Home Study Course will teach you:

  • How to create a Facebook fan page.
  • How to choose a specific niche.
  • You will then either create your own product or you will choose affiliate products (in the selected niche).
  • The fan page will be about your chosen niche.
  • After the fan page has been up, you will start creating your email list of people who are interested in your page or business.
  • Then you will send affiliate offers with your affiliate links to your list or you will sell your own product.
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You can say that $5K to $15K DVD Home Study Course is all about Facebook affiliate marketing. You will choose affiliate products, make a related fan page on Facebook, create your list and then you will start promoting affiliate products to your list.

Look’s interesting, right?

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Does It Work

The $5K to $15K DVD Home Study Course works.

The course itself is great. And the money making idea is great too. If you stick to the system and follow the instructions, you will make money.

At start, you will not make too much money but with the passage of time, things will become easy for you.

As all the experts say ‘the money is in the list’. The basic requirement (according to most of the gurus) is to build your own email list (which is not easy at all!). Thanks to the $5K to $15K DVD Home Study Course, it not only teaches you how to choose an affiliate product but meantime it does the hard part of helping you with building your email list.

Once you have the email list of people who are interested in niche which you are operating, nothing can stop you from making money.

The Drawbacks

  • The course isn’t too awesome, I must say.
  • The overall money making idea isn’t new or innovative.

The Benefits

  • The course is step-by-step.
  • 60 days money back guarantee makes this course a risk-free one.
  • You will get 2 bonuses for FREE with your copy of $5K to $15K DVD Home Study Course.
  • Anyone can make money from this system. You don’t need any experience, skills or special education.
  • The strategies and methods taught in the course are top-notch and are workable.
  • List creation is just too easy with this system and once you have the list, you can promote as many products as you want to your list.
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Is It for You?

Beginners will love it and primarily $5K to $15K DVD Course is for newbies and for those with zero to minimum experience.

Those who are not new to internet marketing, they can use it as well but they will know most of the things in the course.

My Thoughts

Since it is a step-by-step training course, therefore it gets fairly easy to understand every bit of it. When it comes to earning money from this very system, there is no doubt about the fact that at the end of the day you will earn money. In fact, what I personally feel is that it is not just the money that you will earn from this system rather you will learn the art of using Facebook. Once you know how to use Facebook for email marketing, you can then find your own path easily. Every path will then lead to money.


The $5K to $15K DVD Home Study Course is a nice and easy-to-follow money making system that is great for beginners. You can create your own list from your Facebook fan page and then you will promote affiliate products to your list for earning money over and over again. This course has the potential to help you generate passive income right from your home.

The $5K to $15K DVD Course is recommended for beginners and newbies. You cannot miss this course if you are serious about earning money from your home.

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