CB Passive Income Review

CB Passive Income Review

This detailed and honest CB Passive Income review will show you how you can use this course start earning money immediately.

CB Passive Income is a money making system that is developed by Patrick Chan. It is about affiliate marketing but the good news is you don’t have to do any direct marketing instead you can just copy the complete marketing system.

It facilitates the task of building email lists. CB Passive Income provides step-by-step lessons on how to generate and drive traffic to your secret webpage.

Generally, you will receive free web hosting, an automated email sender, mailing lists building tricks, and traffic generation techniques. The CB Passive Income is suitable for affiliate marketing beginners.

CB Passive Income Review

In the CB Passive Income, you will get a secret report after you will sign up. You will send this report to people for FREE via your website.

Don’t worry, it shows you how to create a website from scratch.

Your subscribers will download the report from a page that will be generated for you by CB Passive Income. So the page is generated for you, the report is free that you give to people for free.

CB Passive Income is a more sort of a software that will manage your page, content, marketing and everything. You don’t have to do anything at all except for driving traffic to your page where people can download the report for free.

People have to subscribe to your page with email address to download the free report. Then the CB Passive Income software will send emails to all the subscribers with your affiliate products. They buy the products and you get the commission.

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So it works like this:

  1. You have your own page with subscribe option.
  2. Your drive traffic to your page and people download a free report that is worth $1500.
  3. Once you have the email addresses, software will send emails with your affiliate links and products.
  4. They buy, you get the commission.

There has been multiple updates of the all-famous CB Passive Income which includes CB Passive Income 2 and CB Passive Income 3.0. It must be noted that all the versions of this course will teach you exactly what’s discussed above.

The newer versions, however, teach you latest, sophisticated, and Google-friendly techniques so better buy the latest version here.

About the Author

Patric Chan is the author of CB Passive Income. He is a famous internet marketer with lots and lots of experience in internet marketing and affiliate marketing. Patric is the co-author of one of the best selling books—Clicking Cash. Also, Chan is the entrepreneur behind the launch of other successful startup websites like PagePressApp.com and Nagsscreen.com.

Why You Should Try CB Passive Income?

  • You will not write any content to promote yourself.
  • You don’t have to compile or have the knowledge of writing sales letters
  • You don’t have to buy an auto-responder or buy your own web hosting service
  • You don’t have to send emails on a manual basis.
  • You will not face any customer directly or answer a telephone call.
  • You won’t look for the best products to promote
  • Above all, you don’t need any knowledge of affiliate marketing or prior experience.

How the CB Passive Income Works

Patrick Chan provides training in the form of two memberships. Each is priced separately. The first one is called One-time Investment Option and it costs $97. You will pay this amount once and the lifetime access. The basic membership is priced at $47 per month and it provides premium internet marketing lessons.

Types of Training Included in the Course

Step 1: Set up your secret website

The first thing you will get is a special link that will help you promote another program called Operation Quick Money. Whoever clicks this link will be sent to a squeeze page where they will share their email address. All captured email addresses will automatically be cached in your CB passive Income autoresponder mailing list.

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Step 2: Advertising your new website

During this step, you will learn how to utilize given media sites to promote your new link. The first method of promotion you will get introduced to is Solo ads. As you might know, Solo ads is a term that is commonly used by expert Internet marketing gurus when promoting their email lists.

To use Solo ads, you should first engage the internet marketing gurus who will then send emails containing your link to the email addresses in their mailing lists. Solo ads is expensive, though, and could put you in danger of losing money if you use it incorrectly.

The other recommended method of promoting your secret webpage is social media websites. These are Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. There are tutorial videos that will teach you everything about the social media platforms and how to use them for marketing. Both methods of promotion do not produce overnight results, though.

Bonuses to Expect

In addition to step-step lessons and video classes, there are three types of bonuses you should expect to receive. They are listed as shown below.

  • The Digital Cover Creator – This is ultra-modern software for designing 3D e-Book Covers.
  • The Email Assassin – This is an important course about the most effective email marketing tactics. The knowledge on this course can help you grow your business fast.
  • The Traffic From Google Home Course – This is a video tutorial about various SEO tricks and how to use them for traffic generation.

Does it Work?

CB Passive Income is targeted to beginners who want to make money online but have zero experience.

It may or may not work.

First, there is nothing special about CB Passive Income. What this system claims to do for you is something that you can do yourself quite easily with your own domain. Why use someone else’s domain and system?

Second, you have to drive traffic to your page. This is really hard. Although there are several traffic generation courses that you will have access to like Facebook marketing, YouTube promotion, guest blogging and much more. But it is not easy.

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For newbie, it is just OK to use CB Passive Income because if you don’t know much about traffic generation, you will not going to make much money.

Video tutorials are great and if you can generate traffic to your webpage that will be created for you, you can make some real money.


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The Cons

  • Absolutely for beginners. There is nothing new or innovative in CB Passive Income.
  • You have to generate traffic to your page which isn’t easy especially for newbie.
  • Fair chances of spamming the email lists.

The Pros

  • The product comes from an expert internet marketer and he is sharing his own system with you, so you must expect value.
  • No experience needed. No skills needed. No need to write content or anything.
  • No hosting required. You get the domain, you get the page, you get the report, you get the auto-responders and everything is setup for you.
  • Great for those who want to make money without doing anything – I mean anything at all.
  • CB Passive Income has full money back guarantee of 60 days.
  • You get a lot of video tutorials and courses that will teach you all about generating traffic to your newly built page.

Money Back Guarantee

After buying the CB Passive Income, you can try it for a while. If you feel it’s not good enough for you, the owner gives up to sixty days to return it. Just call Patric Chun. He will not argue with you or ask many pointless questions, he will just refund your money.


CB Passive Income is a good money making system for newbie who know nothing about making money online. Everything works on auto-pilot. You get the page, you get the report, you give it to people for free, you collect email addresses, send them emails with your affiliate links and earn commission. This is all done automatically for you.

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