CPA Profit Academy Review

CPA Profit Academy Review

CPA Profit Academy is a money making course that teaches you how to make money via CPA marketing. We all know CPA marketing or CPA offers aren’t new in the town but we have to admit that not a lot of people (or internet marketers including newbies) focus on CPA offers. CPA Profit Academy is a complete step-by-step video training guide that will reveal the secret of earning passive income via CPA marketing.

Let’s begin with my in-depth CPA Profit Academy review.

Course Overview

As it is a CPA marketing video course so I’ll begin with CPA marketing before saying anything else. CPA refers to Cost Per Action where you get paid for every specified (agreed upon) action. This ‘action’ is usually not a sale of the product rather it could be a ‘form submit’, a download, a simple sign up or anything else.

CPA Profit Academy is a complete step-by-step video course that has 5 modules consisting of several videos. Every module has multiple videos and the entire course runs in a flow, in a sequence.

It all starts from scratch so it doesn’t matter whether you have a website or not, it doesn’t matter whether you know anything about CPA marketing, affiliate marketing, email marketing or monetizing your site or not, you will learn everything. When I say it is a complete course, it means a complete course where everything has been covered which is somehow related to CPA marketing.

Overview of the Modules

Module 1

Module 1 has four videos. It gives you an introduction of the course with a focus on CPA marketing, list building, and affiliate marketing.

Module 2

As soon as you move to Module 2, you are right away at work. You will learn to create your own WordPress site from scratch. This is a great resource for newbies who want to create their own site/blog. Being a newbie, you just have to follow the steps and by the end of Module 2, you will have your site up and running.

Module 3

Module 3 talks about CPA offers and CPA networks. This module is loaded with four actionable (and very useful) videos. You will learn the art of choosing the right CPA network, how to get accepted, how to compare CPA offers, and how to choose the right (and the most profitable) CPA offers to start with.

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Module 4

This particular module is about monetization. Victor Wu shared a few very decent and practical strategies that you can use to make money via CPA offers. You can monetize the squeeze pages of other internet marketers, you can promote CPA offers in several different ways, and all these methods are really awesome – I must say.

Module 5

The final module is about driving traffic to your CPA offers. Without traffic, you cannot earn a single penny no matter how profitable CPA offers you have selected. The module talks about three very authentic traffic generation methods.


  • CPA Profit Academy is a step-by-step video training course. I personally love courses that take the students with them instead of just throwing information at them.
  • Videos can be downloaded therefore you don’t always have to be online to watch the videos.
  • Content of the course is very concise and extremely newbie friendly.
  • Course consists of real-life strategies and tactics that have been tested by the author. These methods are sure to work if followed as stated.
  • CPA Profit Academy brings with it a lot of additional trainings and bonuses. Inside the member’s area you will get access to bonus training videos which include affiliate marketing, wordpress basics, sales funnel, local marketing, PLR profits, outsourcing and many others.
  • You get free access to graphics and other tools like Bad Ass headlines, Squeeze page madness, Ultimate Minisite Package and others.


CPA VIP is advanced CPA training course that’s not included in the initial CPA Profit Academy. It is indeed a very useful video training guide that has 5 actionable video courses.

  • Optimizing Ads
  • CPA Autopilot
  • Social media and CPA
  • Solo ads
  • JV marketing secrets


  • With CPA Profit Academy you will unleash the untapped CPA territory.
  • Course consists of actionable strategies. You will never find yourself lost or occupied with too much information rather you will learn actual strategies that will help you make money for real.
  • It is a best resource for beginners who have been trying really hard to get a clue to make money online.
  • No fluff. Nothing generic. Everything is connected.
  • All the videos flow in a sequence with no hiccups at all. You will always find a connection between videos and even skipping a few videos will not make things hard for you.
  • Membership is loaded with tons of FREE bonuses. Who hates freebies?
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  • The course lacks PDFs. I know it is a video course but what if someone doesn’t want to watch videos? For someone like me, it gets quite easy to skim a PDF file instead of watching a complete video.
  • You must have money in your pocket before you can start earning money from CPA offers. Buying the course isn’t just enough rather you have to invest money to earn money.

Will it Work for You

CPA Profit Academy is a nice training course. It has everything that you need to start your online career. Obviously it offers you with a lot of bonuses as well.

If you stick to the course and follow all the instructions, you will have your own site, a squeeze page and you will have a few CPA offers in hand to start promoting right away. That’s good. But it isn’t all you need, the traffic is what you need to make money.

Unfortunately it is really hard to drive free (organic) traffic to a sales page or a squeeze page, search engines just hate sales pages. The best alternate is to go for paid traffic. CPA Profit Academy teaches you handful methods to drive paid traffic to your offers/pages.

Paid traffic works but it needs money. At the same time it needs testing and tweaking (sometimes a lot of testing).

The good news is that Victor Wu has discussed a few free ways to drive traffic to your offer like monetizing the squeeze page of other internet marketers. In case if you are short of cash, you can go for free methods too.

Overall, if you will give time and other resources to CPA marketing, and if you will stick to the strategies, you will earn money. Initially, you will not earn a lot of money but with the passage of time, as your email list will grow, you will start getting enough money.

At the end of the day, you will earn money from your list.

My Thoughts

I got a review copy of CPA Profit Academy from Victor Wu. I have been watching videos and have been roaming inside the member’s area.

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I’d like to mention (once again) that the course is packed with very useful videos. Training videos move in a sequence which is great for newbies because they will never feel lost.

The author has shared a lot of resources, strategies and actionable plans that will eventually lead to success. Not just that the course teaches you how to create a site, choose CPA offers but it tells you how to drive traffic to your offers. Both free as well as paid traffic methods are included in the course.

Once you start earning money, you can then automate the entire system where you will earn money on complete autopilot. You can scale up, you can choose any niche you want, you can choose any CPA network. There are no restrictions at all. It is not just that you are limited to a few niches or specific CPA offers, no – not at all.

The upsell – CPA VIP is a sort of advanced CPA training where you get access to more ways to optimize your ads, how to outsource, how to automate CPA campaigns, joint ventures, solo ads and so on. All the videos in VIP membership are really great especially if you are serious about getting traffic to your offers.

Final Words

Overall CPA Profit Academy is a type of course that will open your mind and will teach you a lot of stuff. To be honest, the methods to get free/paid traffic are pretty much applicable in every type of marketing. You don’t have to be necessarily promoting a CPA product to use these traffic generation methods.

Newbies shouldn’t miss CPA Profit Academy for two main reasons:

  1. Learning
  2. Actionable strategies

What’s better than learning something that you can apply immediately on your site/offer without any issues? What’s better than getting quite a few techniques that can help you earn a few additional hundred dollars?

You get instant access to the member’s area as soon as you register. There are several other helpful resources inside the member’s area that you get for FREE. What else you need?

Click here to join CPA Profit Academy now.


Update: CPA Profit Academy has discontinued. You can instead try ListMoney that is better and comprehensive course that will show you how to earn your first $100 online.



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