Graphix Booster Review: Readymade Graphics for Your Website

Graphix Booster Review: Readymade Graphics for Your Website

Graphix Booster is a graphic package that contains a lot of graphic items that you can use in any way you like. We all know the importance of using cool graphics, designs, pictures and related stuff on our sites especially sales pages. A well-designed sales page or a blog post equipped with nice pictures can really turn the game.

Here is my Graphix Booster review that will help you decide whether it is the right product for you.

The Man behind Graphix Booster

Giuseppe Falzone is the guy who created Graphix Booster. He is an internet marketer, SEO professional, and a designer, of course. All the graphics and videos included in Graphix Booster are created by Giuseppe.

The Product

Graphix Booster is a graphic pack that contains hundreds of pictures and graphics that you can use on your site or blog. All the graphic files are editable. You get PSD files of the graphics which can be edited quite easily. It gets easy for you to edit any picture to make it unique and completely yours.


  • More than 1K ready to use graphic items
  • Instant access to all the files
  • All the files included in the pack are editable
  • Availability of PSD files
  • Graphics in almost all the niches
  • You are free to use and edit pictures as many times as you want
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What You Get With Graphix Booster

As soon as you sign up with Graphix Booster, you will get instant access to the PSDs and graphics pack. You can start using files instantly.

There is another product that’s called “Video Templates Crusher” which will be offered to you as well in addition. Of course, this isn’t free. With Video Templates Crusher, you will get 30 video skins that are fully editable. You get the PSD and HTML files of all the video templates. You can edit all the video templates with extreme ease.

Who Is It For

OK so who should buy and use Graphix Booster?

Designers will love Graphix Booster since it will let them save a lot of time. Being a designer, you can easily edit any file and send it over to your client. You can even use a single file for a whole lot of different clients.

Webmasters (including bloggers) will love Graphix Booster. You can take a picture from the pack, edit it and use it on your site/blog with full confidence. People just love graphics, don’t they? You don’t have to necessarily edit the file before you use it, you can use it as it is. However, if you want to edit the PSD (and cannot edit it yourself) just hire a freelance designer for the same.

Of course, internet marketers cannot live without graphics (and videos). Whether you need a few pictures for your new sales page or you want pictures for your new PPC campaign, Graphix Booster will going to help you a lot at every single marketing level.

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Those who want to make money from Fiverr (or from any other source), they cannot miss this product. I say Fiverr because there are people who are making real money from Fiverr by providing their clients with pictures, banners, graphics etc. You just have to be creative and smart enough to edit the PSD file to make it unique. The rest is all easy.

Besides businesses, web developers, beginners, affiliate marketers, programmers and pretty much a whole lot of other people can use Graphix Booster.

Cost-Benefit Analysis

Graphix Booster is priced between $17 and $27. At this price, you get potentially a lot of editable graphic files. Obviously more files will be added in coming days.

A single picture or a graphic item that you get designed from a freelancer (let’s say via Fiverr because it is the cheapest place) will cost you at minimum $5. With $5 you don’t get the PSD file (in 99% cases). That means you get a single non-editable graphic item at $5.

In case if you need multiple or maybe 30 such graphic items, you will have to pay $150 for it (or $100 if you get a bulk discount).

Now comparing $100 to the price that you pay for Graphix Booster makes the entire situation pretty clear.

Graphix Booster is really cheap and is quite affordable.

If you know how to edit a PSD file, things get really easy for you in that case because you will then be able to edit every graphic item included within the pack.


  • Instant access to numerous graphic items.
  • All the graphics are professionally designed. No fluff. No bogus items.
  • One-time charges.
  • The buyer gets the PSD files of the graphics so editing every single file is possible.
  • All the graphic items included in the pack are created by the author himself.
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  • It is not a good idea to use graphics without editing them since it might look generic (in most of the cases).


Overall Graphix Booster is quite a useful product. Obviously, you will love it if you know how to edit a PSD file or if you know basics of designing. Otherwise, you will have to get your file edited from someone else. But it is absolutely fine to use any item from the pack without editing it because it will still be better than copying an image from Google Images.

If you are somehow related to designing (either directly or indirectly) or if you are a guy who needs creative and unique pictures/graphics every now and then, Graphix Booster is the product that you should have with you. It will save a lot of valuable resources of yours including time and money. Who doesn’t want to save money and time?

Update: Graphix Booster is no longer available. You can try Graphics Sifu that will provide you all the exciting features of Graphix Booster plus a whole lot more.


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