Why I Hate Parasite SEO

Why I Hate Parasite SEO

Parasite SEO refers to a search engine marketing technique where you use the power of an authority site to improve your site’s ranking. There isn’t anything illegal here and all those authority sites know that you are using their authority for your benefit. Unfortunately, here you act as a parasite but the good thing is you do not harm the authority site.

Take the example of YouTube which is a pretty famous authority site. Any video of your site or business published on YouTube will of course rank better in search engine rankings (especially Google). A little backlinking will do rest of the magic.

Why People Use Parasite SEO

A page on an authority site can reach at the Google top position for a fairly medium competitive keyword with a week of average backlinking.

And for low competitive keywords, you don’t have to do the backlinking at all. A page on an authority site like HubPages is indexed in a few hours by Google, it gets thousands of impressions and clicks as soon as it is featured just because the traffic that it gets is simply enormous. Think of eBay, YouTube, Hubpages etc.

These are the reasons that people and internet marketers just love parasite SEO.

But, I don’t like parasite SEO at all. Not at all. In fact, I hate parasite SEO.

Why I Don’t Like Parasite SEO

When you are using parasite SEO, you are actually building your business on someone else’s shoulder. It’s like making a building with no base or constructing a building on a rented base.

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Are you kidding me?

For short-term, parasite SEO will work GREAT. It will just make you rich. Think of an affiliate who has several YouTube videos, over 100 articles on Hubpages, and a dozen blogs on Blogger and WordPress.com.

This affiliate will rock and will earn a lot of commission because most of his pages, videos, and posts will rank pretty high in search results.

But what does this affiliate own? Nothing, absolutely nothing at all.

He just has nothing in his hands. He has all his business scattered and is built on different sites that can ban his account anytime.

Parasite SEO is a purely short-term approach and I call it “a poor shortcut”. What’s the point in submitting your quality content and articles to another site?

An authority site?

You are giving that authority site more authority by submitting your high quality content to it.

The Solution

The solution is simple, don’t build your business on someone else’s business. Use your own base, use your content on your own site or blog or whatever you have. Own something.

And of course, you don’t have to use parasite SEO for the long-term. It will not work for you in the long-run especially if you are to build a brand – a real business.

Think of it like this, you have distributed over 200 high quality pieces of content (article, videos, infographics, and everything) on different authority sites. If you have submitted all the 200 pieces on your business site or blog, you would have gained half the authority.

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The thing is you have to own your business and must own all the content that you have. Use your content on your site and do not ever submit it to another site just for the sake of temporary rankings.

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