How I Make Money from the Internet Every Day [A Mom’s Story]

How I Make Money from the Internet Every Day [A Mom’s Story]

Today, I’ll share a story of a mom who is more than a mom. I received an email from a mom. It was a long email. She was actually trying to tell me how she used to make money from the internet every day.

I’ll share her story in her own words. I won’t disclose her name as she didn’t allow me to do so but her story is being published after her consent.

So this goes out to every mom, especially stay-at-home moms.


As a single parent, I’m always competing with time, from being a mom for my son to spending more than 8 hours in the office to earn money, nevertheless doing the household chores and other things, if ever my schedule permits me to do so. A hectic schedule is my daily routine, a dilemma that I thought I will never come up with any solution. A problem that could not be solved.

Until one day, I encountered an emergency situation that had challenged me to choose between a mother and a working woman. My son got very sick when he turned three, he needed urgent medical attention.

Unfortunately, he was diagnosed with Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) wherein there’s a tendency it could lead to sepsis or blood infection and blood poisoning. Though my parents were there to help me, they could not assist me 24/7 to guard my son in the hospital, I decided to resign from my 5-years office career as an administrative assistant and became a full-time, hands-on mother for my little boy.

The need to make money from the internet every day

Everything went well. Seeing my son gaining weight, eating well, and playing again is a heaven feeling for me. However problem doesn’t stop there, I needed to earn money to support our needs. I start searching for better ways to earn money without compensating my time for my son. I was desperately looking for a decent way to make money from the internet every day.

Towards a better online career

The search was never that easy.

I heard about online jobs before, but looking for a legit work online is hard. There are too many websites to mention, but somehow they need an experienced person that already knows how to work from home, aside from the fact that they require better computer and internet setup.

I always question myself on how do I make money from the internet every day?

I started investing a good computer and internet setup once that was accomplished, I ran many searches of websites offering jobs that I had experience with.

My first online job

My first target was being an English online teacher. Luckily, I got the job since I was once a preschool teacher before and I worked as a customer service representative in BPO companies.

One thing I like being an English online teacher is the flexible time that I can work. All I needed to do was to plot my available time in the website I used and wait for the students to book a lesson with me.

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Though the rate was not that high since it only paid $1.50 per hour, it was enough for me partly because I love teaching. As weeks and months passed by, my confidence doing home based work boosted.

My second online job

I tried to apply for a Virtual Assistant (VA) on legit websites mostly on freelancing websites like People Per Hour. I had plenty of time to work and apply for another job since my other job had flexible timings.

Fortunately, I became a VA in just one try. The key being a successful VA is honesty. Being honest will bring you more success in life. I’m honest to my boss that I had other job and I don’t have any experience working as a VA but willing to do my best to be the best VA he will ever have. He did give me a chance and I got the job.

The biggest challenge as a VA is that you’ve to be available online and being there for your boss to assist him. However, my boss trained me well and I gained knowledge of many different skills like social media management, blog posting, link building, lead generation, article writing, and several others.

Yes, many tasks were assigned to me but I’m glad of the experience and a set of skills I gained, I’m happy that he is still my boss.

My third online job

Earning money online every day does not stop me being an online English teacher and a virtual assistant, I used my new set of skills as an advantage. I experienced writing article as a VA, when I look in a certain website they’re looking for an article writer, I instantly applied and sent samples of my writings. At first, I was hesitant about applying but I told myself that I have nothing to lose since I still have my online English teaching and a VA career.

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Indeed I’m a lucky woman, I landed the job and became a regular article writer for current events and general information at a leading website.


Honesty, efficiency, perseverance, and integrity are the key factors that help you to make money from the internet every day. Good time management is also an essential skill. You’ve to be great at managing time otherwise, you’ll end up ruining your social and work life. Working is still different from being a mother, it’s still better to know your priorities.

Online English teaching, assisting virtually, and writing articles, these three home-based online jobs are my treasure in life, my bread and butter, the reason why I can support my child’s needs, and being a hands-on mother at the same time.


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