How to Make Money Online With YouTube

How to Make Money Online With YouTube

Want to make money online? How about trying YouTube? You can easily make money from YouTube. But it is not easy. If you manage to do it right, you can make as much $10K a month from YouTube. Yes, it’s a fact.

So how to make money online with YouTube?

Simply put, how to make money online with YouTube can be done in 2 ways:

  1. By becoming a YouTube partner
  2. By promoting your own products and affiliate products

Become a YouTube partner

When you become a YouTube partner by YouTube Partner Program, you display ads on your videos and you get a percentage of revenue generated.

It isn’t easy to become a YouTube partner. There are certain prerequisites for applying and getting approved for YouTube partner. A basic overview of prerequisites is stated below:

  • You must have an approved Google AdSense account.
  • You must have well over 1K subscribers, your own channel at YouTube and quite enough video views.
  • You must have at minimum 50 videos uploaded on YouTube.
  • You must be active and regular publisher on YouTube.
  • Most importantly, your videos must be actually yours. There shouldn’t be any copyrighted content be it video, sound, graphics, images or anything.

So it isn’t easy but not impossible to get approved for YouTube partner program. Even if you fulfill all the above-stated criterion, your application can still get rejected.

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Now here is the good part, once you are YouTube partner, you can easily make $3 to $5 per 1K video views.

More video views you have, more money you make.

Promote affiliate products

Good news, this is the easy stuff you can do.

You can make videos about affiliate offers. Include your affiliate links in the description and make money. You will earn affiliate commission when anyone will click on the link and will buy the product.

This is easy, right?

Promote your own products

If you have your own product or service, you can promote it on YouTube either in the video or description or both. This is a good way to get a few extra sales every month from YouTube.

Don’t tell me that you are now in love with YouTube.

Final thought

Before you go and start uploading videos on YouTube for money, keep one thing in mind that you need traffic to make money from YouTube. It’s just not enough to know how to make money online with YouTube but the REAL thing is to drive traffic to your videos.

No Traffic– No Views– No Money

Traffic– Views– Money

More Traffic– More Views– More Money

So even if you have a single video uploaded on YouTube with your affiliate link, you can still make money if people are viewing your video.


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