How Much Money You Can Make Blogging

How Much Money You Can Make Blogging

If you are planning to start your own blog, you must be wondering how much money you can make blogging. Well, the answer to this question is pretty simple and straight-forward – unlimited.

Yes, you can make a lot of money from blogging. But of course, there are a few restrictions as well. It all depends on a lot of factors.

If you are really interested in starting a new blog, don’t bother how much money you can make blogging instead forget about the money. The thing is you will make money from your blog – no matter what but you have to wait. You have to be patient and do all the things that are supposed to be right for your blog.

Types of Blogs

There are two types of blogs that you can start with:

  1. Free blogs
  2. Paid blogs (self-hosted blogs)

Free Blogs

Free blogs are the ones that are part of another domain like, Blogger, Weebly or any other. You don’t have to spend a single dime to start such a blog. A free blog is a sub-domain on another site (authority site) and the URL of a free blog looks like:

How Much Money You Can Make Blogging from Free Blogs

You can make money from these free blogs. In fact, the real advantage of these blogs is that they rank pretty well in search engines because the blog is powered by an authority site and your blog gets the authority as well.

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How much money you can make blogging from free blogs is potentially limited. There are quite a few reasons for it.

  1. You cannot use your blog freely as you have to follow the terms and conditions of the actual site.
  2. Not too many options offered by the site.
  3. Limited design, limited editing options and limited access to the source code.
  4. You share the ‘authority’ of the blog and you do not own it in full. The site where it is hosted can block your account anytime in case of any violations of their terms of use.

All these factors and many others put a capping on your earning potential, you can make money by Google AdSense, affiliate marketing, and by several other methods but the thing is you don’t have to invest your time and energy in such a blog that is built on someone’s else domain. (This is my personal opinion)

However, there are people who make lots of money from free blogs.

Generally, as I have seen, people do make a lot of money from these free blogs ranging from less than $100 to $10K or even more. On average, you can make $500 to $1200 easily from your free blog but for that, you have to follow an affiliate marketing course. Of course, you can do it yourself too but it will then need time. Be patient, and you will earn.

There are a lot of affiliate marketing courses that are fully based on creating such free sites and making money from them but I personally love Affilorama because it is free and has helped thousands of affiliate marketers.

The earning is high but, of course, there are a few drawbacks as well (as stated above). Hey, what comes without drawbacks in this world?

Who Should Use These Free Blogs?

So now that you know how much money you can make blogging from these free blogs, you must be wondering whether you need to start earning money from them or not?

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Free blogs are best suited to:

  1. If you are a newbie and are still in the learning phase.
  2. If you don’t have money.
  3. If you have money but you don’t want to invest it.
  4. If you are testing the waters. I mean before starting a really big blog project, do a pilot run on a free blog.
  5. If you are not sure whether blogging is for you or not. Try a free blog and see for yourself.
  6. If you own a small business and want to have your brand’s online emergence.

What Is a Self-Hosted Blog?

A self-hosted blog or a paid blog is the one that you own and you host yourself. You can use your blog in any way you like. You own the domain, you buy the hosting plan, you control it, you develop the blog and it is all yours from every single aspect.

How to Start a Self-Hosted Blog

If you want to make money from your blog or I must say your self-hosted blog, you need to start everything from scratch. Here is a condensed overview of the entire process as to how you can start your own self hosted blog to make money from it.

  1. Choose a niche. Choose a niche of your interest. You must have a bit of information about the niche, although it isn’t necessary but assuming that you have interest in it, so it is quite obvious that you will know a lot about it.
  2. The niche has to be a sort of ignored one. Ensure that the niche isn’t too competitive. Also, do some research and see how many competitors you have in the niche and where they stand. If there are a few very strong and well-established competitors (blogs) already in your niche, it is better to choose another one. This is important because you will find it hard to settle down in such a niche.
  3. Once you are done with the niche, buy a domain. Choose a domain name that represents your niche or a major keyword of it. Like, if you have chosen the “coffee bean extract” niche, your domain name must be something that contains “coffee” and/or “bean” and/or “extract” or all of them with any other keyword, phrase, digit or anything.
  4. Buy a hosting plan. Decide what type of CMS you will use and based on it, buy a hosting plan. I prefer a WordPress blog. Buy hosting from Bluehost to get a free domain name, no need to buy a separate domain name. Go ahead and buy a hosting plan here
  5. Assuming that you are going for a WordPress blog, now you need to install a theme (free or paid).
  6. You are all done. Start writing and posting.
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How to Make Money from Your Blog

Now this is the important part, how you can make money from your blog? There are a lot of things that you can do with your own blog to make money from it. I mean it isn’t a really big deal to make money from your blog.

Here are a few tips for you that will help you to make money from your blog:

  • Use Google AdSense.
  • Use affiliate ads like ClickBank products that match to your niche.
  • Use CPA offers.
  • Sell ad space.
  • Publish paid posts on your blog.
  • Sell Amazon products on your blog.
  • Use other advertising networks like AdSense.
  • Sell your own products.
  • Sell eBooks.

And there are many other ways as well.

So all in all, once you have one, it isn’t a hard thing to make money from your blog. All you need is traffic and then nothing can stop you from making money.

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