4 Easy Steps to Create Your Own WordPress Website

4 Easy Steps to Create Your Own WordPress Website

Today, I will share four steps that will help you create your own WordPress website.

Before I give you those four steps what I want you to do is pay attention to these lines because they will tell you about how to create a WordPress website.

  1. Domain Name
  2. Email Address
  3. Website Host
  4. WordPress

1. Choose a domain name and get it registered

You might be quite aware of the extensions available for a domain name. Out of which most common are .co.uk and .com. It depends on you totally that for which domain you want to go.

.com Domain

Com domain can grab a free domain from BlueHost if you buy hosting plan from them, no need to spend money on buying a domain name.

2. Create your own email address

After you login an option will be available to adjust email addresses which you can later hook up with your normal email client like Gmail, Hotmail, and Outlook.

Many guides are available can be found on Google about it so I would leave this searching to you.

3. Website hosting

In order to upload new things on your domain name what you will need would be some of the server space just like you store things on your computer. There are many web hosts out there and by searching you can find a lot of hosts out there.

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If it was my website then without even doing further research I would go to BlueHost because it keeps things easy and simple and also cheap.

4. Use of WordPress

Talking about the security of your website then it is totally safe, however, if someone visits your website then he won’t find much. The easiest and fastest way to upload data to your website is by installing a famous and free kit called WordPress.

So if you are really concerned about how to create a website then use WordPress because it is an easy to use kit which helps you to create your own website without much trouble.

If you have already gone to BlueHost, then their website allows you to install WordPress.

If not then you have to download WordPress at first then you have to unzip the files and upload it on the server using an FTP client. There are so many things to do in this process and WordPress Docs would be a great place to begin with.

By following all the above listed steps you will find it easy to get the answer to your question that how to create a WordPress website and it is also an answer to the question how to create a website so whether you want to make a website with or without WordPress you can skip the WordPress part and make the website like you wanted.

A benefit of having your own website is that you are free to run your business the way you want it to be.

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