Swipe Vault Review: Discover the Power of Swipe Files

Swipe Vault Review: Discover the Power of Swipe Files

Starting, running and managing an online business is not easy especially if you are a beginner. In this Swipe Vault review, you will find how you can earn build and run a profitable online business without doing all the hard work yourself.

Forget everything that you have been told and ask yourself, is it better to do what all those successful businesses have been doing or paving your own path by creating everything from scratch?

Let me ask you something, if you have to create a WordPress website, will you prefer creating a new WordPress theme from scratch with the help of a coder and a designer or will you prefer buying a ready-made WordPress theme?

Of course, the logical decision is to choose a ready-made WordPress theme as someone else has done all the hard work of creating, tweaking and updating a premium WordPress theme. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

Similarly, if a sales page design work tremendously well for your industry, why not remodel it to enjoy better conversion rate?

This is what Chris Luck callsLet others take the risk for you” as this is the best way to generate profit online.

Introducing Swipe Vault

Swipe Vault is an online membership website for marketers and businesses founded by Chris Luck. It is all about providing members with all the best swipe files they need at a single place ranging from sales funnels to copywriting styles to bestseller products to marketing strategies to blog post templates to business ideas and much more.

The idea is to let others figure out what works online by spending their resources. Once they figure out what works, you just need to remodel their text, ads, images, videos and graphics – this is all what internet is about, right?

Similar strategies lead to similar results. This is what we already know. The only thing that you need to do is find the best and proven strategy that is used by people (and businesses) who are already successful and making tons of profit.

In other words, you have to swipe what is working already.

What is Swipe File?

According to Wikipedia, a swipe file is a collection of tested, proven and workable advertising and marketing material used by internet marketers, advertisers and businesses.

Steve Jobs told an interviewer a few years back that you should find the best things humans have done and then bring those best things to your workplace.

The swipe files aren’t just restricted to copywriting and advertising but these are used in every industry. Whether you are a designer, a coder or an entrepreneur, you can use swipe files.

The best news is that it is absolutely legal.

The best marketers and businesses don’t just use swipe file as it is rather they make it better. Let me share a quick example.

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Apple was not the first company in the world to create MP3 player (known as iPod). There were hundreds of companies all over the world that were making MP3 players. Apple just sat back and it let others take the risk by putting their resources in MP3 players. When Apple saw that this is something that people love buying, it used the swipe file and created its first iPod, which was better than regular MP3 players.

If you look closely, this is what all businesses (both online and offline) do. They just wait, monitor and see what works and as soon as they see something is working for others, they jump into it.

Swipe Vault does the same thing.

It provides you with swipe files of pretty much everything that’s related to internet marketing and online businesses. You get to know what’s working, why it is working and how you can make it work for you.

Sounds interesting, right? Keep reading Swipe Vault review for more details.

About Chris Luck

Well, he is a pretty famous and a successful internet marketer and an entrepreneur, who has been around for more than 16 years. He is an entrepreneur and has built several businesses. He has been building businesses since 1999 in technology and education.

He has a lot of practical experience under his belt. A guy who can be trusted.

How Swipe Vault Works

I has a member’s area and a community where members can share their own swipe files.

Member’s Area

This is where you will find all the swipe file collection.

There are a lot of different vaults to choose from such as:

  • Traffic generation
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Conversion rate optimization
  • Images for social sharing
  • Paid traffic sources
  • Banners
  • Sales funnels
  • Infographics

And many others.

swipe vault member's area

These are the vaults that contain lots of useful material and swipe files.

Then there is a specific swipe file collection which has a lot of categories to choose from.

  • Blogging
  • Amazon
  • Membership method
  • Marketing
  • Biz Opp
  • SaaS
  • Education
  • Health
  • Ecommerce
  • Dating
  • Fitness

And much more.

swipe vault review

Once you choose one of these categories, you will get access to all the swipe files that are available within that category. You can choose to go through the files online or you can download them.


It is an online community. Members get access to the community which looks something like this.

swipe vault review

Chris Luck personally posts updates and majority of the swipe files. Members can also share and post their swipe files and resources.

The dashboard is simple and easy to use. There are four tabs inside the member’s area.

swipe vault dashboard main menu

  • Forum is the main discussion page where you see all the posts and swipe files.
  • Inbox is where you get messages.
  • You is where you can edit your profile, add picture, add a bio and update other things.
  • Start Here is the page where you see an introductory video by Chris Luck that shows you how to use the community.

You get a lot of swipe files, posts and updates. You can see that the last post was published 6 hours ago, then 7 hours ago, 10 hours and so on. There is a lot of activity and there is always something new for you to learn and use.

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swipe vault forum posts

Every post has useful information that teaches you something without any fluff. You can download the videos, files and images so you don’t have to sign in to the member’s area every time to access swipe files.

swipe vault review

You can quickly find something you are looking for by using the search bar at the top left corner or you can use categories on the right side. There is always something new added to these categories by members as well as Chris Luck himself.

swipe vault search bar

Swipe Vault Features

Here are some of the leading features and benefits that the members of the Swipe Vault enjoy.

  • Access to the best swipe files from all over the internet.
  • Ready-to-use swipe files.
  • You can download all the material without any restrictions.
  • You can contribute your own resources and swipe files to earn likes in the community.
  • A great way to collaborate and network with fellow marketers and businesses.
  • Chris Luck is exceptionally good at adding new material, swipe files, videos, images and more on regular basis. I have to say, he is very active and sincere with his community.
  • Dashboard is easy-to-use allowing you to bookmark, send messages to others, following trending topics, and respond to posts and swipe files.
  • No spamming, no fluff. Chris has done a good job of keeping community free from spammers.

Who Is It For

Honestly speaking, Swipe Vault is for everyone who is interested in starting and/or growing ones online business. It doesn’t matter where you are coming from, this community will help you in one way or another.

It is for internet marketers, entrepreneurs, bloggers, newbies, moms, teens, part-timers, and for all those who want to make money from internet.

There is no question about the fact that the swipe files are best for almost everyone whether it be a newbie or a struggling internet marketer or an entrepreneur.


Swipe Vault comes with a monthly subscription. It is priced at $97 per month.

Yes, it is a bit expensive but the value and the quality that you are getting in return is really awesome. Do a quick cost-benefit analysis before you make a decision.

I am sure it will not work for everyone and there will be people who will opt out after using it for a month.

If you don’t plan to use the swipe files and take action, it is not the community for you. However, if you intend to take action by practically implementing the best swipe files, you can cover the monthly cost easily.


  • All the swipe files are valuable and helpful.
  • You just don’t get the swipe file but you get analysis too on the swipe file which shows you why it is working and how you can make it better.
  • It has 60 days money back guarantee so you can try it risk-free.
  • The dashboard and member’s area is extremely easy-to-use.
  • Best for beginners and amateur internet marketers.
  • I personally love free webinar by Chris Luck that he conducts on regular basis. This adds a lot of value for members as well as non-member.


  • As I see and know, the biggest drawback of Swipe Vault is its price. It is a little pricey and there are a lot of guys out there who will be unable to pay for it on a recurring basis.
  • It has a lot of information. If you are not focused and don’t know what you have to do, there are fair enough chances that you will get lost.
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Why Use Swipe Vault

Chris Luck and his team spend thousands of dollars every month to find, analyze and share best from the internet that works. This is why they charge you every month because they add new swipe files every single month.

It is not that you cannot find these swipe files yourself, of course you can. But the thing is, it will need a lot of time and resources.

The number one reason for using Swipe Vault is that these guys critically analyze swipe files. So if they found a high converting sales funnel for a weight loss natural supplement, they will not just share it but they will analyze it and will tell you why exactly it works so well. This is what makes this a great community.

You can improve the swipe file and can take it one step further.

I know when Swipe Vault was started, there were a few people in the community but today, it has a lot of members. You just don’t get swipe files and resources from Chris Luck but also from other members. As the community will grow, things will get more interesting.

Before You Register……..

If you are planning to join Swipe Vault, please do yourself a favor by reading these suggestions.

  • If you are not serious about using swipe files and taking action, this is not the right place for you. I will be honest here, you will be wasting your money if you don’t have a plan to use swipe files and take immediate action.
  • As of today, there are 4 swipe files being added on daily basis in the community. This number is expected to grow in the future. What you should do is download these files and keep a database on your computer so that you can go through the material without signing in.
  • Instead of copying swipe files, a good idea is to improve the strategy and make them better. The idea is to learn what works and why it works.


Let me conclude this Swipe Vault review by quoting Picasso:

“Good artists copy; great artists steal.”

A swipe file is someone else’s work that you use for your own benefit but it is not stealing. Swipe Vault solves one of the biggest issues of marketers and businesses by providing them the best swipe files on the internet.

Let me make things simpler for you.

Chris Luck conducts free live webinar every month to let attendees know the importance of swipe files and how these can be used to build and grow highly profitable internet businesses.

In this live webinar, you will ‘Discover the 3 Simple Steps to Quickly Start, Build and Grow a Seven Figure Online Business by Swiping What’s Working.’

Sounds too good to be true. Well, the webinar is absolutely free to join, why not check it yourself?

I may be wrong so I’d let you decide yourself.

swipe vault review free webinar


Click here to claim your spot for the next workshop.

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  1. I am using swipevault for 5 months now and I must say it is one hell of a platform to earn online.

    Definitely a must try resource.

    1. Sure.

      In fact, Swipe Vault will work great for everyone including moms. It doesn’t need a lot of work at your end since you get pretty much everything that you need to run your online business, so it is something that you must try.


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