Tube Optimizer Journey Review: YouTube Video SEO

Tube Optimizer Journey Review: YouTube Video SEO

Tube Optimizer Journey is a product of My Traffic Journey authored by Abdallah Salim. This product is a training course that will teach you all about optimizing YouTube videos for better search engine rankings.

The SEO technique discussed in this training is called Video SEO or VSEO. According to Salim, SEO requires new strategies and those thinking about video marketing will never regret if they invest now.

Tube Optimizer Journey Overview

The Tube Optimizer Journey is a training program for Video SEO traffic strategy. This product includes step-by-step training lessons and PowerPoint slides in addition to live demos on how to develop and use videos for YouTube marketing.

In short, Tube Optimizer Journey is all about ranking your YouTube videos higher in search results thus driving more traffic to your videos.

What You Will Get

There are two options to choose from:

  1. Tube Optimizer Journey 2.0 Lite
  2. Tube Optimizer Journey 2.0 Pro

Here is what you will get:

  • Access to 6 video SEO modules
  • Access to Facebook group
  • 5 video SEO case studies (Pro Only)

Course Outline

  1. Intro video
  2. Market research pulse
  3. Keyword research espionage
  4. Building and optimizing a video channel
  5. Optimizing videos for YouTube
  6. Video CTR optimization

Does It Work

Tube Optimizer Journey 2.0 works and there is no question about it.

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YouTube videos rank easily and pretty much higher as long as you know how to rank them. Tube Optimizer Journey is the right course for you that will teach you all about optimizing YouTube videos.

Why You Need It

  • It is a short course with precise and straightforward information.
  • The longest it can take you to complete this course is 6 days. The six-day time is enough to tell you whether the training is effective or not. This means you’re not going to wait forever to see fruits of your investment.
  • SEO Video marketing has a renowned value in marketing and traffic generation, and will surely change your online business in a positive way.
  • The techniques and methods discussed in the course are really awesome and authentic.
  • Rebranding option is available with Tube Optimizer Journey.
  • One-time payment. No recurring charges.
  • Best for beginners since everything is dead simple.


  • There is a reason why you will not need Tube Optimizer Journey. The reason is the product is somehow new in the market and its impact is yet to be experienced.
  • For me, it isn’t an in-depth course. It’s a pretty condensed course. I think that the course misses a lot of other important factors and strategies.


Tube Optimizer Journey is a course that promises on delivering secrets behind YouTube video ranking. It is a simple and concise course that is great for anyone who is interested in video marketing and wants to push the videos to the first page of Google. Pay once and get the course for the lifetime.

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Update: Tube Optimizer Journey is discontinued. You can try YouTube Mastermind which will offer you all the features of Tube Optimizer Journey.

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