Two Cent FB Clicks Review: Cheap Facebook Clicks

Two Cent FB Clicks Review: Cheap Facebook Clicks

Two Cent FB Clicks is a training course that reveals the cheapest way to get traffic from Facebook. You can use Facebook ads to drive traffic to your website.

On the other hand, Matt Stefanik shows you the secret of list building from the largest social media website. This course reveals how to get unlimited unique visitors to your website and you will use this traffic to sell any product you want.

Let’s find all about this training course in Two Cent FB Clicks review.

Brief Description of the Course

While you can pay a minimum of 5 dollars to advertise on Facebook, this five dollar value advertisement has a limited usage. You don’t want to keep on paying 5 dollars each time you want to advertise your product.

Rather, a hook up with Two Cents FB Clicks will show you endless ways of advertising on Facebook with a limited budget. At its best, the course is cheap. The price of your initial advertisement is still cheap when you decide to spend it on this course. Two Cent FB Clicks has everything you need to know about Facebook advertising.

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Course Details

It is a video course having lots of useful step-by-step video tutorials. Here is a list of Modules that you will get access to after buying Two Cent FB Clicks. Each Module has an in-depth video. The course consists of 21 Modules.

  1. Introduction to Facebook advertising (04:37 min video)
  2. Prosper 202 tracking system training. It lets you track your ads for better results (04:01 min video)
  3. In-depth analysis of your audience and pretty much everything else that’s involved (12:43 min)
  4. Creating images (06:23 min)
  5. Writing catchy headlines (05:34 min)
  6. Content of the ads (04:27 min)
  7. Targeting (12:23 min)
  8. Ads approval (07:08 min)
  9. Setting up your landing page (04:40 min)
  10. Tweaking the campaigns (05:14 min)
  11. About Facebook panel for advertisers (07:25 min)
  12. Custom audience (02:09 min)
  13. Starting your campaign using custom audience (03:31 min)
  14. Find your audience (09:45 min)
  15. Facebook IDs (03:34 min)
  16. Uploading your file (04:30 min)
  17. Selecting audience for higher conversions (02:33 min)
  18. Email marketing (04:15 min)
  19. Affiliate offers (04:22 min)
  20. Creating page tabs (04:03 min)
  21. Sending traffic to your videos (03:24 min)

Will You Get Traffic to Your Website?

While this is not a software that can send web traffic automatically to your website or landing page but the knowledge you get from this training course will let you do it because you will realize the potential of social media marketing (specifically Facebook advertising). Traffic generation is complex. Two Cent FB Clicks will make things easy for you to a great extent.

Do You Really Get Clicks Worth 2 Cents?

The primary reason you would be buying Two Cent FB Clicks is to get clicks worth 2 cents, right?

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You can get cheap clicks from Facebook ads – there is no doubt about it. Fine.

But, the price per click that you pay (as a Facebook advertiser) depends on several factors including your niche and your target audience location. Do not expect that you can get 2 cent clicks for US traffic.

The cost of click is fairly variable. Even if you are being charged 2 cents in the morning, you might be paying 10 cents in the evening for the very same campaign.

Does Two Cent FB Clicks work?

So the very next question is whether it works or not?

If you talk about 2 cent clicks, I have to say that it doesn’t work. Do not buy it if you are not in a mood to pay anything higher than 2 cents per click.

However, if you are interested in learning all about Facebook advertising and getting laser targeted traffic to your site, landing page, Fan page or to any other web page, Two Cent FB Clicks is the right course for you.

Best Things about It

  • This is not a software which require quantitative evidence to show you whether it is effective or not. It is a training course so if it does not work today, you will use the same procedure in the following day or in future.
  • The skills you get can give you an extra earning outside your own website.
  • The course is really nice for those who are new to Facebook advertising.
  • There is no doubt about the fact that you will get traffic to your targeted web page.
  • It is an in-depth course. Nothing left. Even you learn things via examples which is great.
  • The entire course runs in a sequence therefore you will never find yourself lost.
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Not So Good Things about It

  • For the current price, the training seems cumbersome because it includes common training such as Multilevel Marketing, which is out of this topic.
  • There are loopholes or I must say important things that aren’t discussed in the training. Not so good course for pros.
  • At the end of the training, you might not be able to get such cheap clicks (2 cents).


There is nothing wrong investing in knowledge. The price tag attached to this course is not worth the course in terms of benefit. If you can, buy this product because you cannot avoid using Facebook as your main traffic generation source.

BUT do not expect that you will ALWAYS have to pay 2 cents for a click on EVERY single Facebook ad campaign.

Update: Two Cent FB Clicks is no longer available. You can try a better and updated course – Facebook Ads Launch Pad. It is the best alternative to Two Cent FB Clicks.


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