WhizPress Review: Generate Targeted Traffic

WhizPress Review: Generate Targeted Traffic

Are you tired of writing content for your blog? WhizPress will help you in generating content that drives free targeted traffic. Find out all about this amazing software in WhizPress review.

WhizPress is a blog writing software that will convert your blog into an auto-blog. Not only that it will let you write blog posts automatically but this software also claims to drive traffic to your blog.

How effective is WhizPress blog writing software? How much traffic can it generate for your blog? Should you really use WhizPress? All these and many other questions will be answered in this WhizPress review.

WhizPress Review: What is WhizPress?

WhizPress is an auto-blogging software or in other words, it is a content curation software. With WhizPress blogging software, you don’t have to write blog posts for your blog instead it will make things easy for you by getting top articles based on your keywords and will publish them onto your blog. You credit the original author and write a small paragraph to make the article unique.

How It Works

WhizPress blogging software is easy-to-use software.

  • You will choose an article for your blog or a video or a top news story or anything that you want to publish on your blog. WhizPress will find the top articles and stories for your blog. You will just have to choose the article.
  • Then you will have to insert a short paragraph at the beginning of the article to make it unique.
  • Give the post a title and do everything that you want to do.
  • Finally, the selected article will be quoted and it will become the part of your post with a link back to the original post.
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WhizPress makes auto-blogging and content curation easy for you, especially if you have numerous blogs.

How Good It Is

WhizPress is a good software as it will automate the writing for you. Writing unique posts is easy with WhizPress.

Is It Safe?

WhizPress is safe as you are linking back to the original source. It is a content curation software basically which isn’t illegal at all as long as you give full credit to the original author with a link back to the quoted article or news.

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Is It Good for Traffic?

WhizPress is known as traffic getting software and it is true up to some extent. You’ll get traffic but not too much. You can make money from your blog (auto blog) if you are using WhizPress on it. Monetize it and keep posting articles on it.

The idea is to post at least one article per day on your blog for traffic. Over time you will make money from your blog. But you will not be making a lot of money from such a blog.


  • WhizPress has limited functionality. It doesn’t come with a lot of features and functions.
  • It isn’t fully automated as you will have to select the article yourself and then you will have to write a paragraph or a few sentences to add to the post. Thus you cannot install and forget it.


  • WhizPress will make content curation quite easy for you.
  • It is a great software for someone who has multiple blogs in different niches.
  • It comes with 60 days money back guarantee.
  • This software works legally and there are no issues at all.
  • It is very easy to use. No training needed.
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WhizPress traffic getting blog software will make your blog an auto-blog by taking a top article and will post it with a unique paragraph on your blog. Post as many articles as you want and on as many blogs as you want.

WhizPress traffic getting blog software is best for those who want to convert their blog(s) in an auto-blog.

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